The Hill of the Enchantments

The Domes of Santo Domingo Church and Chapel of the Rosary

Located between the streets: Guayaquil and Rocafuerte (street of La Loma) the church of Santo Domingo (sixteenth century) is a place that you should not miss. 

Initially it was built by Dominican Priests with the intervention of various historical artists from Quito, such as Bernardo Legarda, Miguel de Santiago and Fray Pedro Bedon. Due to this fusion the church has a large amount of Baroque and neoclassical details, as well as different works of art including sculptures and paintings which leave visitors amazed.

The chapel of La Virgen del Rosario (late seventeenth century), is located on one side of the church's central nave. Thus creating the famous arch of the Church of Santo Domingo, on which the Chapel is located and below which runs Rocafuerte Street.

In the chapel you can see the sculpture of the Virgin of the Rosary that was a gift from King Charles V of Spain to Quito, the decoration of this chapel conserves the pure essence of Baroque Quito; paintings and carvings in gold on a red background earn its consideration as one of the architectural gems of the historic center of Quito.

 Visiting the domes of this church is a worthy memory to take from your visit to Quito and the neighborhood of La Loma Grande.

El Caretero

In our neighborhood discover a place as magical as the people who live and work in it. For more than two decades, El Caretero has been making beautiful handmade paper and cardboard masks. They are representations of Ecuadorian popular culture.


They are made with the same technique of yesteryear, in clay molds and paste, which are then painted completely by hand. In addition, El Caretero of la Loma Grande exhibits a demonstration of skill when creating unique pieces by hand and invites you to participate in its creation. Discover and learn how his process is and let yourself be charmed by its art and tradition.

Gallery Café de la Beata

Located in La Loma Grande, a few steps from the arch of the Church of Santo Domingo

Approximately 80 years ago, the Tomebamba Marmolería was established. Its first owners were the masters who migrated from the Cañar Province to Quito to work in the fine art of giving life to the cold pieces of Italian marble that can still be seen in the cemeteries and churches of Quito.

Now converted into a café/workshop/gallery, different handmade crafts are exhibited here, some elaborated in wood, paintings and several antiques; as well as the original tools with which the marble was worked. You can also enjoy small outdoor poetry presentations while sharing amongst friends a delicious cup of coffee, Ambato chocolate with cheese or a glass of mulled wine.

Chapel of Miracles

Located between the streets Rocafuerte and Fernández Madrid, it is a hidden gem in the neighborhood of Mama Cuchara. It is a 1680s chapel in honor of the Señor de los Milagros.

Based on an ancient legend by the inhabitants of the sector of multiple miracles, it was erected by the parishioners of La Loma Grande and Loma Chica as thanks.

 The altarpiece is a structure of wood and gold leaf; above the altar stone is the oil painting by Fray Pedro Bedon of the Señor de los Milagros.

Outside there is a stone patio where you can host a variety of events and include presentations of traditional dance.

Library of Santo Domingo

In the convent where the "San Fernando" school was founded, the Fray Pedro Bedón Museum carefully guards several treasures from the time of the Dominicans. Their legacy includes more than 30,000 ancient books which emphasize different subjects such as philosophy, theology, social sciences, architecture, and medicine. The plaza of the same name and the arch of the Church of Santo Domingo on Rocafuerte street, which was an extension created for the chapel of La Virgen del Rosario, can also be appreciated in great magnitude. 

It is possible to visit this place and to learn some of its treasures is possible from the hand of its custodian. Art Hotels can coordinate this activity.

La Cuchara Gallery

Located in the traditional Barrio de la Mama, Cuchara is an old house; here rest an endless variety of handicrafts of the highest variety and originality made with so much love and care by skilled Ecuadorian artisans.

 Visiting the La Cuchara Gallery is undoubtedly traveling throughout the country, because exhibited and sold here are different pieces of art including: paintings, masks, and dolls. You can also enjoy a delicious coffee from the Ecuadorian Amazon and taste the exquisite chocolate fino de aroma that attracts both locals and foreigners. Or you can enjoy the guayusa, a typical energizing drink from the eastern jungle. Art Hotels can coordinate your visit so you can witness this event.

Fire Station Crnl. Ángel Jarrín

Between the streets Rocafuerte and Montufar, is the 2nd station of the Fire Department of Quito. The station "Coronel Ángel Jarrín" is always ready to serve the community of Quito’s Historic Center. In this old house lived Isidoro Villareal the
treasurer of the King of Spain, at the time of colonization. It belonged to the Serrano
Villareal family until the beginning of the 20th century. They say that, between its
walls, Isidoro Villareal buried the money and gold of the King.

Here, at the station, the firefighters show us the procedure to getting dressed in their special suits weighing around 36 kilos, not counting the air tanks. They share their skills with visitors, As they must be ready in the shortest possible time to help in case of an emergency, they make the visitor experience a live demonstration while traveling through the station and its vehicles, welcoming you as if you were another member of the Fire Department of Quito.

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